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Buddy Practice for Successful Onboarding Program

Imagine you join a new organization and you have a friend and a guide to help you through every obstacle you might face and even better "never" lets you face any obstacle. A person who will guide you through every step because your success is her success as well. A person to whom you can ask any question related to company and work with out being judged and a person who will help you adapt to the working environment, company values and culture.

In such an environment, you would not think of leaving the organization, isn't it!!

Well this is what buddy practice does.

Creating a buddy practice for new hires require careful planning but it results in building a great employer brand.

Download my guide book to plan a successful buddy practice for your Organization.

Write to me on Contact page or comment on the article if you would have any questions. I would be happy to help. :)

Buddy Program for New Joiner Onboarding in Corporate
Download PDF • 2.14MB

Please remember, buddy practice cannot be successful in isolation. Buddy Practice is a supplement to onboarding program to achieve your onboarding goals.

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